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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was a famous Russian poet and novelist. Childhood Pushkin was born in Moscow in She often mentioned his taste for books. At the Lyceum he wrote his first poems.

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A. Pushkin – А. Пушкин

Книга для чтения на английском языке" Предлагаем вниманию читателей сборник произведений А. Пушкина в переводе на английский язык. Произведение относится к жанру Поэзия. Книга входит в серию "Русская классическая литература на иностранных языках Каро ".

Пушкин, Александр Сергеевич

In he was selected to be among the thirty students in the first class at the Lyceum in Tsarskoe Selo. Pushkin was married to Natalia Goncharova on February 18, , in Moscow. Pushkin died two days later, on January But he used to be received in literary circles; in circles of Guard-style lovers of wine, women, and song; and in groups where political liberals debated reforms and constitutions. Also I should add that Pushkin was a Decembrist and his work in this area is really amusing. In Mme. Pushkina met a handsome French royalist, who was adopted by the Dutch ambassador, Heeckeren. Pushkina for two years, and finally so openly and unabashedly that by autumn , it was becoming a scandal.
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Биография Александра Пушкина на английском языке. Biography of Alexander Pushkin

Топики Биография Александра Пушкина на английском языке. Pushkin provided the standards for Russian arts and literature in the 19th century. Pushkin was born in Moscow in into an upper-class family. In he entered a lyceum at Tsarskoye Selo. He graduated from the lyceum in and began to work in the foreign office in St. In the foreign office transferred Pushkin to Ekaterinoslav, and later to Odessa for writing anti-tsarist poetry.
Кликните на появляющийся слева от параграфа при наведении, чтобы увидеть перевод. Chapter 1. Since that time he had always lived on his estate in the district of Simbirsk, where he married Avdotia, the eldest daughter of a poor gentleman in the neighbourhood. Of the nine children born of this union I alone survived; all my brothers and sisters died young. I was supposed to be away on leave till my education was finished. At that time we were brought up in another manner than is usual now. Thanks to his care, at twelve years old I could read and write, and was considered a good judge of the points of a greyhound. At this time, to complete my education, my father hired a Frenchman, M. Вы также можете распечатать текст книги.

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Pushkin — А. Пушкин A. В ней 15 слайдов. Более подробную информацию по теме вы можете получить из статьи английской версии Википедии о Пушкине. Титульный слайд, заголовок темы.